Moving A Residence Is Easy

Moving a Residence Is Moving a Relationship


It is not easy to move from place to place. You have a lot of things to consider before, during and after the move. You have to establish your personal security and your items’ security. You would also need to consider the integrity of the new location, among other things. You would have to transplant not only your furniture and stuff. You will transplant your life. And that is the most difficult thing to do – leaving behind friends and colleagues to start resedential movingsomeplace anew.

Without proper planning and the necessary implementation, the process becomes more exhaustive than it really should. Everything becomes a hassle. Everything becomes a problem. You’d find yourself wanting to tear your hair off. Without resorting to that tactic, you would need to learn some tricks and tips to make your move easier. Here are some helpful tips for you to consider when you are about to move:

1. Hold a garage or clearance sale. Get rid of the trinkets that you do not need in the new location. Make sure that everything that you will leave gets sold before the day of the move. Not only will you lessen the number of boxes you need to move, you will also generate some cash for your needs. For some, it would be hard to let go of some sentimental stuff. But you know that it is needed to start fresh somewhere else.

2. Hire a professional and trusted moving team. Hiring a trusted and professional team of movers will make it less stressful for you. All you need to do is to get your stuff ready and you can get out of their way. Make sure they have insurance and have great customer feedback.

3. Get your moving boxes and other essentials ready. You have to prepare the different moving boxes you will need to move your things to a new location. Make sure you have enough boxes for all of your stuff. Don’t forget adhesives to reinforce the bottom part of your boxes. You want them safe and secured, not jumbled and damaged.

4. Organize your packing team. If you are getting help from friends or relatives, make sure to organize them so they can help you move fast. You can organize them into teams and assign them specific areas. Provide them with the needed supplies and you’ll be off in no time. And do not forget to give them refreshments in case they get parched or famished. They’ll appreciate it.

5. Sort, classify, box. As you prepare to move, make it easier by sorting things. Classify them so you can pack them off easily. Put similar things together and place them in boxes. For bulky, irregular shaped objects, do not forget to use packing pellets or newspaper to make them stable.

6. Keep painter’s tape handy. You’ll need it for labeling boxes and other containers so you would still be organized in your move. You can also use it to reinforce the sides and the seams so they would not burst when they get jostled during the trip.

7. Involve your little ones. Moving is difficult for adults, more so for the children. You should involve them in packing and boxing stuff. You will make them part of the team and you can make them feel excited about the move as well. You would not get as many tantrums if you do this.

8. Make arrangements for your pets. Pets also get stressed by the move, whether you believe it or not. They sense the changes. Make sure that the pets would have their own carriers where they will be comfortable. Provide them with enough food and water to last the journey. You will have a contented pet afterwards.

9. Secure your valuables. Your valuables should be given additional insurance and protection. Ask your moving company if they carry additional insurance just in case. You can place them in a safety vault or you can carry them along with you in your private vehicle.

10. Make sure your utilities are okay. You must secure them. Coordinate with your utilities providers to shut off services a day after you moved. And make sure that your new place will have utilities on tap a day or so before you move in. You will not be bothered by the hassles and inconvenience.

Moving from one place to another is never an easy task. It will uproot people and leave others behind. Whatever your reasons for moving, never forget to look back at the people you left behind. You are only moving to a new place, they should be always in your hearts.