Moving A Business

Moving A Commercial Business Is No Easy Business


Moving an office or a business establishment is no easy task. It takes planning and a well-coordinated job to enforce the move without problems. The challenge is huge. The risks are great. The pay-off is sweet. Moving is a serious business.

Making sure that everything gets moved and everything gets packed properly is a logistic nightmare. Getting things labeled and secured takes time, effort and patience. Making sure that things get properly stacked and stored for the move is another aspect altogether. You get the idea. It is a huge endeavor that needs experts to accomplish.moving a buisness

Moving to a new location is an indicator of the business’ direction. A bigger place means the business is booming and on the rise. A smaller place might mean you’re preparing for a re-sizing and might need to reshuffle personnel. Whatever the reasons may be, the reality is there; moving is difficult but a needed endeavor for some businesses.

Here are some tips to make the move a little bit easier. Keep them in mind in case you have to move in the next few months.

1. Plan your move as early as possible. Make sure that you plan for your transfer ahead of time. Give yourself some wiggle room of between three months (cutting it quite close) to six months to prepare for the move. Getting the plan and the new place ready is going to be a challenge.

2. Hire an expert and trusted moving company. As much as possible, do not do this on your own. The task will overwhelm you and will cause you stress. In planning for the move, find an established moving company that has a good track record from customers. Make sure that the company also has insurance for your items and for your company.

3. Involve your personnel. Involve your personnel in the process. Make sure that they know you are moving so they can pitch in when needed. Involve them as early as the planning stage so they will be fully engaged. Help them disseminate the information to customers, so they will become informed.

4. Make announcements and changes. Establish your move. Make some announcements over tri-media, if you can, with regards to your impending move to a new location. Make sure that the public would know your new address so your operations will not stop. Make the necessary changes to your stationery and other forms so that your operations would stay streamlined.

5. Determine the schedules for moving out and moving in. Make sure to communicate with the building supervisor for the schedule of your moving out from the old place. Some buildings will not allow you to move out during peak business hours. It is also true for moving in to new locations. Make sure your scheduling is down pat to avoid confusion and conflicts.

6. Have your managers and staff make a list of the things included in the move. Document everything and make sure that all important things would be included in the move. Establish a system so that the boxes and furniture would be in the proper delivery places in the new location.

7. Provide the packing boxes and other necessary materials. Have your personnel pack the files and other small things so they know where the things will be when the move gets done. Make sure their personal belongings will not be part of the move as well.

8. Schedule a visit and walkthrough with the new location’s building manager to find out what else is needed to be done. Check the flooring, the lighting fixtures and the air cooling vents if they work. Create a map where each box would go. This would ensure efficiency in the delivery of the movers.

9. Make sure that all cables and wirings would be installed first before the move so as not to create a chaotic environment. Have the IT experts and the electrical experts drop by earlier so they can do their thing and prepare your space for the arrival of your things.

10. During the move, assign two office managers or personnel to oversee the operations. One will be in the old location and the other in the new location. Have them communicate and check the status of the move from time to time. Have them ensure that the things would be smooth sailing for both the movers and the employees.


Moving a business is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and a lot of planning to make sure it works as smooth as expected. Hiring a trusted moving company is necessary for most cases because it would lessen your stress levels. It would also create a business relationship you can rely on in the future. It may be a time-consuming and a resource-intensive affair, but it would be worth it in the end.