3 Tips For An Emergency Move

Advice For Emergency Moving


Sometimes there are unexpected things that, no matter how much you plan for, cannot be avoided. Last minute moving may be caused by an unexpected event like promotions or emergencies. Whatever it may be, you need a dedicated and efficient relocation specialist that will help you with your last minute emergency moving.

Emergency moving can be stressful. To help you out, here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you deal with emergency moving:

1. Plan and Organize By Creating a Checklist and Setting Deadlines

• Create a Checklist

Do not panic. Take a moment and clear your mind. First, write a checklist to ensure that you will not forget to do anything. Second, list down all the tasks that need to be done. Finally, write down the things that you need to do in order to accomplish each task. This will also assist you in checking the progress of your emergency moving and ensure that you will be able to do everything that needs to be done.

• Set a Deadline

Set the target date and time of finishing your preparations for moving. This way you will not wait until the last day to get everything done. Deadlines will help you prioritize your tasks.

As long as you strictly follow the deadline that you set, you will be able to accomplish all of the tasks that need to be done. Setting a deadline prevents procrastination, which you should avoid as much as possible because time is the important in emergency moving. Setting a deadline is also the best way to deal with the preparations for emergency moving because deadlines will push you to manage your time properly.


2. Carefully Consider All of your Options

• Do not Hurry

Research your options thoroughly. Do not be hasty. Choose a Relocation specialist because they are reputable, dedicated, and efficient. Not because it is the first one that you saw or because it is the cheapest.

• Get a Quote and Estimate How Much it Would Cost You

Contact a Relocation specialist as soon as the date of your move is confirmed. Ask for a quote of how much the emergency moving will cost. Do not rush and make sure to compare different rates.

• Make Early Reservations

Ask and make sure that the date that you will move is available. Verify and confirm with your Relocation Specialist to prevent double booking.

3. Pack your Belongings


Packing your belongings in a short amount of time is an intimidating and stressful task.

• Set a Schedule For Packing Your Items

Set a schedule that you will follow, to make sure that you will be done packing before the moving date. Do not be intimidated by the amount that you will pack. Stay focused. Most importantly, do not try to pack everything at once.

First, sort through your things and see what you items you will be taking with you. It might be tempting to just stash everything but you have to realize that you will be paying for your moving by weight.

• Meticulously Label the Boxes

Pack room by room and label each boxes. Write the room where the boxes should be placed in. Label the ‘right side up’ of the box and make sure to write if the content is fragile. This will help you and the movers be aware of how the boxes should be handled.

• Don’t forget the perishable goods

Start with the perishable goods on your kitchen by cooking it or giving it away. Defrost your freezer and take the time to clean it properly. This will prevent mildew from building up.

Protect your glassware by wrapping them in packing paper or blankets to prevent breakage.

• Get Assistance from your Relatives and Friends

Do not be shy to ask help from your relatives and friends. If you cannot pack everything on your own or if you cannot afford hiring professional packers.

Hire Professional Packers to Keep Up with your Deadline

If you feel time-constrained, hiring professional packers will take the burden off you. Professional packers have years of experience on this kind of work. They will surely deal with your last minute packing faster and efficiently.